Technical Editing

Technical editing is the process whereby a qualified editor goes through already written pages on a particular technical subject or topic to check if all that is written is sensible and carries the intended meaning, while also checking for any grammatical errors therein.  At we offer these services at an affordable cost and we will also give you a detailed analysis of your content, what needs to be done and/or changed and also give options on the best way to display your information for the particular purpose that you intend to use the information for.

Our experts at will take time ensure that proper referencing has been done and that all your sentences make absolute sense. Apart from these, we will also take a look at the following:

  • wrong units and dimensions
  • inconsistency in significant figures
  • technical ambivalence
  • technical disambiguation
  • correction of statements conflicting with general scientific knowledge
  • correction of synopsis, content
  • index, headings and subheadings
  • correcting data and chart presentation in a research paper or report has a dedicated team of editors for technical purposes only since the usual content editors may not be fully equipped with the knowledge of how a technical paper should be approached so you can rest assured that your paper will only be attended to by experienced professionals who know what they are doing. Their technical knowledge enables them to approach the technical paper with a clear idea of what it should look like so that they are able to spot the mistakes and correct them

Before any corrections are made on your paper, we will be sure to inform you so that you can agree to the intended amendments that should suit your paper since we would not want to alter your pages without your knowledge or approval. If you are in need of any help that involves technical editing, please feel free to talk to our editors at