This happens when you are filling in the order form on our order link.

The Kind of Information that we Obtain from You

When filling in the order form you will be required to give us your full names, your email as well as the physical address, daily contact number and credit card details.

Use of the Collected Information

The information that you give us is used for different purposes, the main one being to help us serve you better. Other uses include:

  • Enabling us to personalize your order so as to avoid any mix-up.
  • Your contact information allows us to be able to get to you in case we need to give updates on your order or if we need you to give us additional information.
  •  This information also allows us to be able to attend to you in an appropriate manner of reference so that we are quick to respond to your queries as we receive them.
  • Your credit card details are used when we are processing transactions since we need to be sure that once we provide our services you will be in a position to pay the necessary fees.
  • When we are done with your order, we will send it to you through the account that we create for you on our site or, if you need us to mail it to you we use the email address that you provide ton us.
  • As our customer, we would like you to be the first to know of any events that we are running, including discount programs or promotions. We will send this information to you via your email address, and if we are unable to reach you, we will make a direct call to you through the phone number that you give us.

This information will only be used with regard to your order and it will never be availed to any third party. For that reason, has put security measures into place to ensure that your information is secure and remains confidential by all means.

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